Chapter 7

If the landscape of college football was the financial market, and coaches were the NYSE stocks that they are so often compared too, then coaching agents would be Alec Baldwins straight out Glen Gary Glenn Ross. Even as I type this, someone from Trace Armstrong’s office is probably pulling their Ferrari 488 GTB with the … Continue reading Chapter 7

Chapter 6

It’s hard to say where the SEC peaked. Might have been 2012 in Miami, when Alabama ran rough shot over Notre Dame for the conference’s seventh consecutive national championship. Or, it might have been at the end of 2015 when the Tide won big again, the conference went nine for eleven in the post season, … Continue reading Chapter 6

Chapter 5

I love college football because it’s a microcosm of what I see in everyday life, or maybe it’s the other way around. It’s how I choose to cope with things and see the world, it’s people, and understand their actions. And picking up and moving long distances and starting new lives and new journeys requires … Continue reading Chapter 5

Chapter 4

The Fall can get squirrely. Somewhere, lost in all of those movies and fall desserts that normal people are binging on, your team takes a break from the cupcakes and faces a conference opponent and shows it’s true 6-6 colors. Much like your kids are going to find out in a few months that Santa’s … Continue reading Chapter 4

Chapter 3

Nothing lasts forever. Love? Fun? Happiness? No, no, no. Like time, those are but illusions. Meant to trick you into a false sense of distance between you and the inevitable death that will eventually take you, gently or otherwise. To be sure, your name and identity and “memory” will go away but not because the … Continue reading Chapter 3

Chapter 2

In early 2005, Florida hired a Mountain West coach that ran a West Coast style offense. At the end of 2000, USC hired a coach that had failed repeatedly in the NFL, hadn’t coached in a year, and hadn’t coached in college in SEVEN years. In 2007, Stanford hired this: Between the three of them … Continue reading Chapter 2

Chapter 1

The year of our lord 2017 would quietly open the college football season (week zero) whimpering under the weight of a boxing match that actually attracted an audience. A sleepy Saturday slate would start in the afternoon with Power 5 member Oregon State getting doubled up by Group of 5 Colorado State, and it would … Continue reading Chapter 1