Chapter 14

It happens at the end of every season. While confetti rains down on champions and the less fortunate go to bed telling themselves, “It was still a good season,” there are those who can’t sleep at all because not only have they not eaten in days, but because their body is lousy with the parasites … Continue reading Chapter 14

Chapter 12

There is an emotion in college football that is often not seen enough. It is not the excitement or anticipation that comes before the season starts, before a big game, or even after the new coaching hire. It is not the feeling of dread as your team begins to lose its lead or fall further … Continue reading Chapter 12

Chapter 11

College football is predictably unpredictable. And that’s fine. We KNOW that teams have a sort of given “ceiling” or “floor” that they’ll jump around in and depending on how they jive with other teams at a given point in the season, you’re left with a pretty wide range of possibilities. And then schools from Florida … Continue reading Chapter 11

Chapter 10

The sport of college football, and football in general, can best be thought of as a game of strategy, execution, teamwork, grit, and determination. The sport of college football fandom, however, is a game of shock, horror, dread, and unending amounts of spite and loathing. Sometimes, in beautiful moments of anger, frustration, and bloodlust, that … Continue reading Chapter 10

Chapter 9

College football people are a tortured lot. Fans never really get over some games and coaches frequently admit to being haunted by certain loses for their entire career. Even the likes of Urban Meyer looks like he lives and dies on every play and when he loses *whistles* looks like he wants to commit Seppuku. … Continue reading Chapter 9

Chapter 8

Instant gratification and speedy commerce isn’t limited to social media posts and Amazon purchases. No, fans calling for a coach’s head on a pike is happening more quickly every year as well. Silly season is already hovering over Knoxville, Tennessee and Lincoln, Nebraska like summer in early April. People are willing to do a lot … Continue reading Chapter 8